Grand Knight’s Report February 2019

Brother Knights,

The news is ablaze with stories concerning toxic masculinity, Catholic teen protesters, and predictions the world will end in the next 12 years. As of the writing of this report, we are barely a month into the new year and it seems as though the end of civility, if not the world, is right around the corner.The controversy surrounding some students from Covington Catho-lic High School has taken so many twists and turns and after several days of coverage we still do not have an answer to the basic question: why is this even news?

For my part, I will refrain from making judgements about the moral character of 16-year-old chi-dren I have never met. Perhaps news outlets could do the same?Whereas the Covington story is puzzling, the new ad campaign from Gillette is bizarre. In the advertisement, this company that sells grooming products for men takes the obvious position that bullying and sexual harassment are wrong, and then proceeds to offer some suggestions for proper conduct according to their standards. After giving up the two minutes, which I will never get back, to watch this ad I too find myself asking “is this the best a man can get?”.

When news outlets and grooming companies offer morality lessons something is clearly amiss. While this may make them insufferable to watch, it seems they are struggling to fill a void. At the first organizational meeting for this fraternal year, we were given some statistics on how Americans are less religious than just 10 years ago. As more and more turn away from the Lord, is it a surprise they will turn to their own devices?

After reflecting on this, I am especially thankful for our brother Knights and for all your efforts to put our faith into action. To the extent that our culture at large and men specifically seem to need direction, the Knights of Columbus consistently find ways to be ex-actly what our country, what this world so desperately needs.

Good. Catholic. Gentlemen.

Vivat Jesus,

James Valenzuela, Grand Knight