Food Drive, November 19-20

At the council hall, Drive Through.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I call on you all to help those in need this season. Next week on Friday and Saturday we will be collecting food for the needy at the Knight’s Hall. I need people to help be there early on Friday and on Saturday so we can collect the food. If you can please email me.

But most of all we need all of you to bring food by. This is for the St Francis Food bank at RAM House. Many families in need come to them for help and they give them everything they can to have a Thanksgiving.

I have attached the flyer provided to St Andrews. basically they are looking for Thanksgiving foods – canned veggies, boxed stuffing, corn muffin mix, gravy, canned fruit, dessert mix, canned sweet potato, canned pie filling, ext. If you would like to donate money for turkeys we will accept that at the Hall as well.

Please donate. There are many families that come to St Francis Food bank and I know a few Knights families from our council do as well. Please help.

Thank you all. The Drive will open Friday, Nov 18th, at Noon – 8pm and then Saturday, Nov 19th, 10am to 6pm. If you can’t make these times let me know and I will arrange something for you ahead of time.

Thank you for your Generosity!

At the beginning of COVID, we did a food drive, delivering to the Food Bank. The Food Bank needed someone to transmit back to Heavenly Manna. They remembered our trailer, and called us. During COVID we delivered from monthly and weekly, multiple loads. Recently The Heavenly Manna contacted us back to thank us for starting something. Now the Food Bank takes a semi down there every week, and it wouldn’t have happened without out efforts.

Keep in Your Prayers, October ’22

  • Wife of Brother Knight Steve Wills, Jane during her battle with cancer
  • Late Brother Knight Gene Jones
  • Late Brother Knight Patrick Minahan
  • Late Brother Knight Tom Harvy
  • Brother Knight Nelson Carey’s late wife Kathy
  • Late Past Grand Knight of Rocky Mount, Albert Galvin

Keep in Your Prayers – September ’22

  • Brother Joe Moses’s wife will be have a procedure tomorrow (9/7)
  • Al Bertolacci’s wife, Lynn
  • Briana Beinhoff in a coma for the last two years.
  • Brother Ed Malinowski with COVID for the twelfth day
  • For the repose of the soul of Brother Engene “Gene” Jones
  • For the repose of the soul of Brother Partrick “Pat” Minahan