Keep in your Prayers (December 2021)

Please keep the following in your prayers.

  • Brother Joe Devlin’s wife Barbara following colonoscopy
  • Raymond Coulombe Father in law of Field Agent Jack
  • Family of Jeff Stone, who’s wife Maureen recently past away
  • Late Brother Night Kenneth Michalski
  • Late Brother Night Lawrence Ptachek
  • Sister-law whose husband away had to relocate to PGK James Valenzuela
  • Donnie Ratliff, jaw pain, father of Brother Stephen Ratliff
  • Joan Pizzi, leg issues, mother-in-law of Brother Leon Vinci

Post Meeting Update: October 2020

Keep in your Prayers

• Bob Canfield taken to the hospital Thursday with COVID one of his daughters has it too.
• Al Bertolacci’s wife had dental surgery
• Paul Miller’s wife Mimi
• Rick Keogol lost his son David two weeks ago
• Robert Dare had heart surgery
• Benney Rohass

Post Meeting Update August 2020

Keep in your prayers

Bob Abate and his sons with Covid-19
Wanda Howard is home recovering from surgery
Jean Stump with pacemaker replacement. She is at home recovering
Mike Lazzuri Keep in your prayers but he is improving
Bob Canfield undergoing chemo
Joe Davis for regaining his eyesight
Bob Lewis knee replacement surgery

Post Meeting Update February

Friday February 7th 5 to 7 PM Fish Fry joint effort with the Hibernians

Tuesday February 18th 6:30 PM open 7 PM for talk Theology on Tap with Father James on Morale Relativism

Friday February 28th 5 to 7 PM Fish Fry joint effort with the Hibernians

Keep in Your Prayers

  • Jan Hodnett
  • Dick Clarke
  • Michael Lazzuri
  • Dick Sparks
  • Al Bertolacci’s wife

Post Meeting Update January

January 24 March for Life. Speak to your parish for seats on the bus

February 2nd Super Bowl Party, Potluck, Chili cookout

February 7th Friday Fish Fry. Contact Paul Miller if you wish to help

February 18th: Theology on Tap with Father James on Morale Relativism

Bill Howard is now the chair of the Fundraising Committee. Please give ideas for fundraising to him.

Keep In your Prayers

  • Glenn Hall’s father who has passed way
  • Paul Miller’s wife and daughter who are ill
  • Father Lou
  • Al B.’s Grand Niece who is paralyzed
  • Past State Deputy Alba’s wife Joanne has cancer and is having surgury