2022-3 Council Officers

Grand Knight Clyde Moak
Deputy Grand Knight Nate Griffith
Chancellor Dan McBride
Warden Stephen Ratliff
Treasurer Val Bernys
Recorder Jan Hodnett
Advocate Rich Whitney
Outside Guard Chris Johnson
Inside Guard Tom Huck
Three Year Trustee Bill Howard
Grand Knight Delegate Clyde Moak
Alternate Grand Knight Delegate Nate Griffith
Past Grand Knight Delegate James Valenzuela
Alternate Past Grand Knight Delegate Karl Kleinhenz
Canfield Scholarship Karl Kleinhenz

Elected June 6, 2022 without objection

Keep in your Prayers (December 2021)

Please keep the following in your prayers.

  • Brother Joe Devlin’s wife Barbara following colonoscopy
  • Raymond Coulombe Father in law of Field Agent Jack
  • Family of Jeff Stone, who’s wife Maureen recently past away
  • Late Brother Night Kenneth Michalski
  • Late Brother Night Lawrence Ptachek
  • Sister-law whose husband away had to relocate to PGK James Valenzuela
  • Donnie Ratliff, jaw pain, father of Brother Stephen Ratliff
  • Joan Pizzi, leg issues, mother-in-law of Brother Leon Vinci