Keep in Your Prayers, October ’22

  • Wife of Brother Knight Steve Wills, Jane during her battle with cancer
  • Late Brother Knight Gene Jones
  • Late Brother Knight Patrick Minahan
  • Late Brother Knight Tom Harvy
  • Brother Knight Nelson Carey’s late wife Kathy
  • Late Past Grand Knight of Rocky Mount, Albert Galvin

Keep in Your Prayers – September ’22

  • Brother Joe Moses’s wife will be have a procedure tomorrow (9/7)
  • Al Bertolacci’s wife, Lynn
  • Briana Beinhoff in a coma for the last two years.
  • Brother Ed Malinowski with COVID for the twelfth day
  • For the repose of the soul of Brother Engene “Gene” Jones
  • For the repose of the soul of Brother Partrick “Pat” Minahan

2022-3 Council Officers

Grand Knight Clyde Moak
Deputy Grand Knight Nate Griffith
Chancellor Dan McBride
Warden Stephen Ratliff
Treasurer Val Bernys
Recorder Jan Hodnett
Advocate Rich Whitney
Outside Guard Chris Johnson
Inside Guard Tom Huck
Three Year Trustee Bill Howard
Grand Knight Delegate Clyde Moak
Alternate Grand Knight Delegate Nate Griffith
Past Grand Knight Delegate James Valenzuela
Alternate Past Grand Knight Delegate Karl Kleinhenz
Canfield Scholarship Karl Kleinhenz

Elected June 6, 2022 without objection